Post: How I Upgraded My Ford’s Tires with the TR416 23 Degree Valve Stem


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A Tale of Tire Troubles and Triumphs

As an avid car enthusiast, especially for my beloved Ford Dually, every detail matters—from the engine’s roar to the tires’ whisper on asphalt. My journey began on an ordinary Saturday when the dreaded low tire pressure warning refused to disappear. That’s when I discovered the culprit: a failing valve stem. After scouring through numerous online forums and product pages, I stumbled upon the TR416 23 Degree Performance/Specialty Valve at Tire Hardware. It promised not just a solution but an upgrade for my Dually’s wheels.

Deciding on the TR416 23° Valve Stem

What caught my eye about the TR416 23 Degree Valve Stem was its precision design, specifically crafted for Ford Dually wheels. With a bend at a strategic 23° angle, this valve stem offered easy access for air adjustments—something my stock valves sorely lacked. Its chrome finish and flow-thru cap weren’t just functional but added a sleek touch to my ride.

Installation Day: A Step-by-Step Journey

Armed with the new valve stems, a torque wrench, and a sense of cautious optimism, I set out to replace the old, unreliable parts. Here’s how it went:

  1. Wheel Removal: First things first, I lifted my Ford safely using a jack and removed the wheels. This gave me clear access to the old valve stems.
  2. Old Valve Stem Removal: Using a valve stem tool, I carefully extracted the old stems. It was evident why they failed; cracks and wear were visible signs of their impending doom.
  3. Installing the TR416: Following the specifications from Tire Hardware, I inserted the new valve stems into the 0.453-inch valve holes of my wheels. The clamp-in design was a breeze to work with, making the installation smooth.
  4. Torque Specifications: I tightened the new valve stems to the recommended torque of 25-45 in. lbs. This step was crucial, as over-tightening could damage the rims, while under-tightening might lead to air leaks.
  5. Reattaching the Wheels: With the new valves securely in place, I mounted the wheels back onto my Ford. The final step was inflating the tires to the recommended PSI, using the flow-thru cap for quick adjustments.

The Road Test

The difference was noticeable as soon as I hit the road. The tires felt more responsive, and the peace of mind knowing that each valve was securely fitted and leak-free was invaluable. The chrome finish of the TR416 added that extra flair to my wheels, turning heads whenever I drove by.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading to the TR416 23 Degree Valve Stem was more than just a necessity; it was an enhancement that brought out the best in my Ford Dually. For anyone looking to upgrade their tire performance with minimal effort and maximum reliability, I highly recommend this product from Tire Hardware.

This installation not only resolved my tire issues but also infused a new level of confidence in my driving. It’s not every day that a simple change leads to such significant improvements. If you’re facing similar valve woes, consider giving your vehicle the upgrade it deserves. Trust me, it’s worth it.